Monday, March 4, 2019

Health insurance options for farmers

More than 100 years ago, farmers and breeders throughout our country came together with the conviction that their voices could be achieved more than they could possibly own. Since then, the Kansas Agricultural Bureau has existed to strengthen agriculture and the Kansans life through advocacy, education and service.
Meeting the needs of our members has taken many different routes. Today, addressing the cost of unhealthy healthcare to ensure access to affordable care is essential for future farming and rural Kansas. We invite your partnership in this endeavor and your support for the Senate Bill 32.
From 2010 to 18, the Affordable Care Act premium (ACA) increased by 176 percent for individual coverage and 216 percent for family coverage. Deductibles also increased.

Even SB 32 opponents admit that premiums on individual markets can not be bought. In recent studies, farmers identified the cost of health insurance as the most serious threat to their farms.

What is SB 32?

Hear this consistent concern across the interior of the KFB-led area to identify options that have worked in other countries and ultimately suggest SB 32, allowing the Kansas Estate Expert Expert Benefits Plan.

SB 32 enables competitive and innovative options for our members who are not eligible for RB subsidies and have no other option for affordable coverage.

As stated today, 53 percent of Kansans receive their insurance through employers; 31 percent of the government (Medicare, Medicaid, VA, CHIP); 8 percent purchase individual coverage, often at unpaid rates; and 8 percent are not insured.

The plans offered under the permissions requested in SB 32 will benefit our members who purchase their own coverage or are not insured.

SB 32 allows Kansas Farm Bureau to offer non-insurance healthcare benefits, not offered by insurance companies and reinsurable.

During a discussion before the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee several Senators fear that there is no financial oversight of the entity offering this product.

Kansas Farm Bureau works with the committee to include language in the bill to require the filing of an annual certified actuary statement that reflects our financial capability to protect the risks associated with the products we offer.

If the Insurance Commissioner detects the irregularity in the report, he may contact the Attorney General who may then investigate under the laws of the Kansas law protection authority. The move is now pending in the House committee on insurance.

What will look like coverage?

Following the approval of the Legislature, KFB will develop the protection of health care benefits that will be fully borne and provide robust protection.

During the underwriting process, which is important for creating affordable coverage, we expect to find health conditions. Our goal is to address these terms and offer as much coverage as possible. Terms can be dealt with as follows:

Disclaimer of protection is optional. In our quest to say yes to as much as we would say no to some. In the event, any other available coverage available at this time is still available.

Health conditions may be exempt from temporary coverage of contracts issued for individual care balances.

Waiting periods may be used where coverage is expected later.

Coverage costs may increase or decrease based on the performance of the policyholder group or the same age. Once someone is accepted, they will not be denied the coverage. Our members and market place will determine what is needed or not.

KFB believes competition will increase the market and cause premiums to be reduced to all.

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